Sucha Singh Chhotepur| Aam Aadmi Party Scam

Bhavna Arora, a 27-year-old member of the ‘Aam Aadmi Sena’, threw ink at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday during a ceremony held at Chhatrasal Stadium, to celebrate the  government’s ‘odd even success’.Kejriwal was addressing Delhi citizens from the dais when Bhavna emerged from the crowd shouting slogans against him, and threw ink towards the podium. According to reports, she also threw a CD and some papers at the Delhi CM, demanding that he probe what she termed as a ‘CNG scam’. The woman claimed that she had proof of AAP and Kejriwal’s involvement in the scam and she had tried to meet them in person, but was not allowed to.Immediately after the incident took place, AAP members accused Delhi Police and the BJP of conspiring against the party. This led to counter-accusations among members of both the parties.


Arora, who now claims to be in-charge of the Punjab unit of AAS, launched a protest against Kejriwal in April 2015 in New Delhi after a farmer named Gajendra Singh committed suicide during one of Kejriwal’s rallies.She was interviewed by a local news channel while she continued smearing ink on posters of the Delhi Chief Minister. Bhavna claimed to be the head of the AAS Mahila Morcha (Delhi) at that time and accused AAP members of instigating Gajendra Singh.


Sucha Singh Chhotepur| Aam Aadmi Party Scam

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