Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Kejriwal, a liar of the century


“How articulately Arvind Kejriwal manipulates the reality can be judged during his hunger strike as Delhi CM in 2014. He had presented the wrong facts in media and the truth was entirely different.”

Kejriwal and company had started its first political inning two year ago and after taking the reins of Delhi government in the maiden polls, Kejriwal held a hunger strike in the national capital.

Arvind ji

The strike was called for the demands from the centre government and the CM was trying to pressurize the centre government through hunger strike. Kejriwal told the media that police acted on the centres’ directions and the main objective of the police was to make the rally a complete failure.

He had told the media that police did not allowed the supporters and workers of the party to have tea. The entire venue of the programme was hijacked by the police. There were no arrangements for the tea by police.

The truth was different as a news channel had found that the party workers were easily moving in the venue and they were enjoying tea at the stalls put up by the police. Moreover, the cops were also distributing the snacks to the party workers in the early morning at that time.

Arvind Kejriwal on camera said during his hunger strike Delhi police closed all toilets, but on camera all of his supporters found using public toilets. Delhi police did not close public toilet. A news channel report had exposed the lie of Kejriwal. The party workers were seen openly using the public toilets and there was no cop outside the toilets.


Every statement of Kejriwal was fabricated with the wrong intention to spread the message to the public. However, the “topimaster” was caught on camera for levelling the false allegations against the party workers.

Moreover, the programme was organised because of the hunger strike of Kejriwal where the workers were enjoying tea and snacks. So, it was complete non sense of the party head that had observing hunger strike and on the opposite, the party workers were enjoying tea and snacks.

He was exaggerating the facts so that the public could be misguided but at that time a news channel exposed him.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Kejriwal, a liar of the century

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Why media giving undue importance to Aam Aadmi Party?


The media has been highlighting the “mufflerman” unnecessary as Kejriwal is getting good space in the news media every day. Moreover, Kejriwal’s personal visit is being covered up properly by the media organisations. Even the other leaders of the party are easily approachable not to public but to media only.

Arvind Kejriwal when visited Punjab in January during Maghi Mela, he had stopped at a local dhaba near Muktsar and at that time media was following him. The security did not stop the media men and they were allowed to take the pictures of Kejriwal who was having the tea at dhaba.

Claiming that ‘some media persons’ were giving undue importance to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), All-India Congress Committee general secretary Shakeel Ahmad had said thatAAPwould not be a factor in the assembly polls in the state and would not harm any political party’s interests.

The leaders of AAP have been part of the media shows frequently. As per the information, when the AAP government had completed one year term in Delhi, all the national newspapers were given three pages of advertisements highlighting the achievements of the AAP.

 A close source in the government said that the party has told the spokespersons and main leadership to not refuse media if they invited in the shows. Even the leaders are told that they should make statements on the issues so that the party’s presence should be seen everywhere.

Moreover, the Chief Minister has all the tactics to become fame in the news media. He always grabs the attention of the media by playing different tricks.

The party has played another trick to make Kejriwal’s Punjab tour popular as the party has floated the news of his visit to the media. The party volunteers have even briefed about the daily schedule of Kejriwal so that he could get the proper coverage.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Why media giving undue importance to Aam Aadmi Party?

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AK has money for publicity but not for students

“A budget of Rs 526 crore for information and publicity is much more important for Kejriwal than the future of students who are still waiting for the implementation of the loan scheme launched by AAP government.”

After taking the reins of Delhi, Kejriwal government had announced a scheme named, “Higher Education Credit Guarantee Scheme” for the graduate and post graduate courses.

However, it’s been a year and the government are still finding the procedure for the loans and moreover, the concerned department failed to adopt any concrete procedure so that a student could apply for the loan.

The first session has been completing in March and still the “muffler man” is looking for concrete procedure for the disbursement of loans. Under the education scheme, a loan of up to 10 lakh will be given to the students who wish to pursue graduate and post graduate courses in Delhi.

It was just an announcement by AAP without any preparation

An official in the government on anonymity basis told that the government had issued a circular for the loan but the concerned department has not chalked out any procedure for students to apply for the loans under the scheme.

AAP had just announced the loan scheme, did not start working for criteria and set of guidelines for the scheme. Moreover, the ruling government had foolishly announced that the loan would be without the collateral.

AAP spending crores on advertisements, but forgets its promise

After forming the government, Arvind Kejriwal immediately set aside the budget of Rs 526 crore for information and publicity. As per the information, the ruling government has been spending more than Rs 30 crores every month on the advertisements. The private radio stations have been earning crores from the advertisements released by AAP. Kejriwal’s double standards can be easily seen as he announced the scheme in haste but did not bother to ask the concerned department to draft a proper policy for the loan. Without preparing the blue prints of the loan scheme he announced it earlier but when the time comes to deliver, he is helpless
Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AK has money for publicity but not for students

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Degree holder’s jobless in Delhi

sukhpal job.gif

Young adults of Delhi with bachelor’s and even master’s degrees are increasingly scraping by in lower-wage jobs such as receptionist, bartender, boxer, waiter or waitress, despite of tall promises of proving high-wage jobs by Aam Aadmi Party and Kejriwal.

How wonderful does one feel once he or she is likely to hold a degree in his or her hand? Superb, a wonderful feeling for a youth as he or she is expected to be a helping hand for his or her parents, but with another broken promise of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its National convener, Arvind Kejriwal, every dream of youth has been shattered, as far as jobs are concerned.

Aam Aadmi Party PUnjab“Arvind kejriwal had promised not to offer positions of power to friends and relatives, offered AAP leader Navin Jaihind’s wife Swati Maliwal, a prestigious position of Delhi Commission for Women”

Taking underemployment into consideration, the job prospects for bachelor’s as well as master’s degree holders fell last year to the lowest level in more than a decade. Unfortunately, under the AAP government’s regime, the employment crises have grown to its maximum.

Youth face issues over unemployment

arvind kejriwal  jobless.jpg

Youth of Delhi are facing a major issue of being Unemployed even after possessing more than two degrees. Kejriwal govt should now come out of its comfort zone and focus on the steps to be taken to eliminate the problem.

“I don’t even know what I’m looking for,” says Sonal, who expressed how she has searched for months on months to find a good job. She still serves customers at a cafeteria in Delhi even after achieving a graduate degree.

Youth of Delhi are angry at the lack of opportunity in Delhi, despite of shoddy AAP government policies and promises on job growth. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in his ‘Delhi Dialogue’ had wooed young voters in the National Capital with top-class education, job generation, skill development, and what not.

sucha.jpgKejriwal’s incubation centres at all the colleges of the Capital city still in limbo. Youth are still waiting for Kejriwal to provide them financial support to start their projects.

Where are those 8 lakh vacancies in the Government sector, Mr. Kejriwal? What is the current status? Depressed youth of Delhi wants to know……

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Degree holder’s jobless in Delhi

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AAP Is Not Different

One year on, people of Delhi, who voted tremendously for Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the Assembly polls, appears disheartened. The AAP, they feel, is no better-no different from other parties; fledgling AAP used auto-rickshaw drivers, minorities as well as Muslims as its vote bank only.

 Used & dumped its voters


Auto-rickshaw drivers accused Kejriwal as he has failed to arrest the auto finance mafia, did not even create a single auto stand nor rationalize auto fare and failed to provide better bank loan facilities and eased permit conditions, as promised during elections. He has been also indicted by Muslim community of not been given their due share in the party as well as the government, despite their massive support to the party.

AAP’s National convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has shown his true colours in the past one year; protecting the corrupt and controversial leaders of the party and never failing to image himself as the victim in these brawls between the Central Government and Aam Aadmi Party.

There is a huge gap between the AAP promises and what has been done in reality. AAP had been playing safe throughout the year, despite of so many failures. With its diversionary approach, it has managed to keep public attention far away from its malfunctioning. It has always played games to stay in picture; like in the recent shot AAP launched a massive self-congratulatory campaign ‘Ek Saal Bemisal’ to draw attention away from the disappointments, and instead spell out its false achievements.

AAP’s idea of alternative politics fades away


AAP that talked about anti-corrupt governance and had promised an era of alternative politics has instead performed against its founding principles. It has been witnessed raising its legislators’ salaries, but failed to provide basic salaries to the MCD workers, who had to protest for getting their over-pending dues released by AAP government.

People wanted AAP to change the rules of political game which was being played by various political parties over the years but it became the part of the game and ignored the grass-root issues of the masses.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AAP Is Not Different

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Aam Aadmi’s Simplicity fades away

The ‘Aam Aadmi’ who is generally seen talking about ‘simplicity’ and ‘values for life’ using proverb ‘simple living and high thinking’, has been courting one controversy after another ever since he became the Chief Minister of Delhi.

The man is ‘Arvind Kejriwal’ and nobody else, who talked loud about an ideal life style of a common man. Kejriwal, who came to power falsely promising a clean and efficient government without the VIP culture, has not only moved to his new 10 room bungalow, spread over ‘eight acres’ but also enjoys the SUV’s ride. Not only Delhi CM but all AAP MLAs and ministers enjoy SUVs and a comfortable and luxurious life.

‘Aam Aadmi’ at ‘Khaas Wedding’

AAP Punjab arvind kejriwalimages

AAP national convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, and deputy CM Manish Sisodia along with AAP leader Kumar Vishwas were among those ‘Aam Aadmis’ who attended a ‘khaas wedding’ of Congress-turned-AAP-leader Sukhpal Singh Khaira’s daughter with former Punjab Chief Minister Darbara Singh’s Grandson. And the Groom’s elder brother is married to daughter of Jagmeet Singh Brar, a senior Congress leader.

Kejriwal’s presence at Brar’s close relative family function rose questions
Kejriwal was seen embracing Jagmeet Singh Brar at the wedding. Now the questions that rose here are: ‘Who’s the one who gained from the ‘Khaas Shaadi”? Is it ‘AAP’ or ‘Congress’?
Answer is actually very difficult for the masses to understand or it can be said that it is very difficult question to answer.

Kejriwal simply forgetting the ideology of his life
With his presence on a ‘big fat wedding’ of Jagmeet Brar’s daughter, Kejriwal has simply proved that he has forgotten the basic rules of his ideology “simple living and high thinking’, as it is difficult to lead such a life. A man of simplicity neither pampers his body with sumptuous food nor massages like Kejriwal does, nor has wits with self-centered thoughts like Kejriwal has. The only thing he thinks is relieving his fellow men of their misery and adding some joy to their lives.

“Instead of becoming simple and uncomplicated every day, Kejriwal is becoming more clever and complicated with each passing day” and slowly he is revealing himself as a khaas aadmi who was wearing the mask of Aam Aadmi.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Aam Aadmi’s Simplicity fades away

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Kejriwal forgets unemployed youth, busy in self-publicity


The youth of Delhi who unconditionally supported “Aam Aadmi Party” in the city have lost hopes for getting the job opportunity in near future. If we take a look at the diploma holders, the information from the government department revealed that there are one lakh job less diploma holders.


Aam Aadmi Party PUnjabUnemployment is a problem in the national capital and the increasing number of jobless diploma holders is alarming but the ruling AAP has nothing to do with it. The number of unemployed holding diplomas of various courses has doubled from 47,000 to one lakh.


This data part of Delhi Government’s economic survey raised a serious question about the quality and future of diploma courses and vocational training programmes floated from time to time. But the previous governments in the city had done nothing to provide the jobs to diploma holders.

Not only is the rise worrisome but also the educational status of those reeling under the effect of unemployment is a cause of concern and it’s a major embarrassment for the Kejriwal government that won support from youth on the promise of “degree, income and wi-fi”.

The AAP government has talked about vocational training and skill development as part of its long-term education plan. But nothing has been done so far by the government of Muffler man in the city.

The Economic Survey makes it clear that many diploma holders are not getting jobs easily. The authorities of Delhi under the AAP regime not bother to focus on the vocational courses and diplomas offered in the city.


According to the information, the most of the unemployed diploma holders have studied up to graduation or less.

Kejriwal forgets unemployed youth, busy in self-publicity

The Kejriwal government had promised the unemployed youth to provide the employment. However, the ruling government has forgotten the promise as the party supremo is busy in self-publicity. The “AAP” supremo has allocated a budget of Rs 526 crore for information and publicity. Every month, the money from state exchequer is being given for the publicity. An official of Delhi government has revealed that approximately Rs 25 crores have been spent on the advertisements. When the government completed one year, crores of rupees were spent on the paid advertisements in all the major newspapers in the country. But the government has not spent even a single penny to eradicate the problem of unemployment.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Kejriwal forgets unemployed youth, busy in self-publicity