Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AK has money for publicity but not for students

“A budget of Rs 526 crore for information and publicity is much more important for Kejriwal than the future of students who are still waiting for the implementation of the loan scheme launched by AAP government.”

After taking the reins of Delhi, Kejriwal government had announced a scheme named, “Higher Education Credit Guarantee Scheme” for the graduate and post graduate courses.

However, it’s been a year and the government are still finding the procedure for the loans and moreover, the concerned department failed to adopt any concrete procedure so that a student could apply for the loan.

The first session has been completing in March and still the “muffler man” is looking for concrete procedure for the disbursement of loans. Under the education scheme, a loan of up to 10 lakh will be given to the students who wish to pursue graduate and post graduate courses in Delhi.

It was just an announcement by AAP without any preparation

An official in the government on anonymity basis told that the government had issued a circular for the loan but the concerned department has not chalked out any procedure for students to apply for the loans under the scheme.

AAP had just announced the loan scheme, did not start working for criteria and set of guidelines for the scheme. Moreover, the ruling government had foolishly announced that the loan would be without the collateral.

AAP spending crores on advertisements, but forgets its promise

After forming the government, Arvind Kejriwal immediately set aside the budget of Rs 526 crore for information and publicity. As per the information, the ruling government has been spending more than Rs 30 crores every month on the advertisements. The private radio stations have been earning crores from the advertisements released by AAP. Kejriwal’s double standards can be easily seen as he announced the scheme in haste but did not bother to ask the concerned department to draft a proper policy for the loan. Without preparing the blue prints of the loan scheme he announced it earlier but when the time comes to deliver, he is helpless
Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AK has money for publicity but not for students

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