Sucha Singh chhotepur | AAP Hires Private Consultants on Public Money

“Delhi government has passed the orders to hire 12 private communication consultants for image building on tax payers’ money. The private consultants would render their services in Punjab also.”

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The ruling regime of Delhi when failed to provide an ideal model of administration to public had found a new method to improve the party’s image by hiring image building consultants.

As per the information, AAP government in Delhi has passed an order to appoint 12 private communication consultants on tax payers’ money. The consultants would work for refurbishing the image of the party in Delhi.

An official on anonymity told that the consultants would prepare the effective strategies to propagate the positive aspects of the AAP in Delhi.

sukhpal singh khaira


The ruling regime has completed one year in Delhi and people are up in arms against the government as the party has done nothing so far for the public.

Consultants on tax payers’ money

The AAP has been hiring the top consultants who are the alumni of the country’s top institutions. AAP has been paying huge salary to the consultants who would reconstruct the image of the party in front of the public.

An interesting fact in this case is that the consultants would be paid through state exchequer’s money. The party would not pay them from party fund. The party will again suck the blood of the people by levying more taxes on them. Already the muffler man had kept aside the budget of Rs 526 crore for self-publicity. This time the public is going to suffer again as the private consultants would be given salaries from public money. Is this “Aam Aadmi ki Party” or “Khas Aadmi Ki Party.”

Consultants would work for AAP Punjab

The party would take their services for the coming Punjab assembly elections in 2017. A source in the party has revealed that the party is eyeing on the elections in Punjab state and that’s why the consultants would prepare the strategies to strengthen the party. The party would use them in Delhi as well as in Punjab as it will solve the dual purpose of the party to strengthen its image in both states. But, the question is that why the party has been spending crores on image building? Why the party did not spend the money on the development? Why the party did not spend the money on public? The only answer is the AAP is meant for its selfish motives and the party hardly bother about the interests of the public.

Sucha Singh chhotepur | AAP Hires Private Consultants on Public Money

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Suspended “AAP MP” revolts against AAP

“AAP had bagged four seats in Lok Sabha from Punjab only. Despite that the party’s two MP’s were suspended by AAP leadership. The suspended MP Dharamvir Gandhi raised questions on party’s selection for the candidates for assembly elections.”

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The AAP Member Parliament,Dharamvir Gandhi has raised questions over the selection procedure of the candidates for the assembly elections in 2017.

Gandhi who had defeated the former Union Minister and wife of CaptAmrinder Singh, Preneet Kaur from Patiala constituency said that the party has forgotten its own rules.

The suspended MP lambasted at the senior leadership of AAP for side lined the party’s principles. Gandhi told that the in charge of AAP Punjab,Sanjay Singh has made a statement that the party’s volunteers would not play any important role in ticket allocation procedure.

AAP volunteers oppose the move of the party

The statement of Sanjay Singh has demoralised the party workers and the volunteers who have worked hard for the party. On anonymity basis, a volunteer told that the party’s senior leadership had earlier announced to not participate in by polls. The non-participation in the by polls demoralised them as they were prepared for the democratic procedure which could show the power of the party. However, at that time party senior leadership refrained to participate. And now the party has decided to take the decision of allocation of tickets without consulting the volunteers.

Gandhi up in arms against AAP Delhi leaders

sukhpal singh khaira


Dharamvir Gandhi alleged that the AAP Delhi leaders are interfering in the matters of AAP Punjab. Earlier, the Punjab leaders were confident that the party would definitely give the powers to the AAP Punjab leaders but Gandhi told that the leaders did not allow the Punjab leadership to take any decision. The entire Punjab unit is controlled by AAP Delhi leadership. Gandhi further told that when the AAP supremo was touring in the state, he did not bother to contact the suspended MP’s. The suspended MP told that the party has welcomed the sidelined leaders of other parties. The induction of former Congress leader Sukhpal Khaira and other SAD leaders has shown that the party has forgotten its own rules and regulations.

If party has no respect for its own leaders then how come the party would think about the volunteers? Gandhi had earlier announced that the AAP supremo should talk to them or dismiss them but Kejriwal did not say anything against his party’s MP.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Suspended “AAP MP” revolts against AAP

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AAP’s conflicting views on caste based politics exposed

“From Dadri to Rohith Vemula’s suicide, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has not left any opportunity to score on caste-based politics. But their conflicting views surfaced when AAP leader Kumar Vishwas spoke against reservation based on caste which was rubbished by party leaders later.”
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Causing much embarrassment to AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal and his party senior party leader Kumar Vishwas said on the sidelines of a rally organised in a support of deceased Rohith Vemula that has always been against caste-based reservation.

 Conflicting views of Party

AAP is never afraid of playing caste card and the party has always been vociferous in supporting caste-based reservation. But causing major embarrassment to the party and Kejriwal, senior leader Kumar Vishwas said the party instead wanted it to be replaced by reservation for economically backward classes.

Soon after party spokesperson Sanjay Singh stepped in to clarify that these were Vishwas’ personal views and it doesn’t represent party’s stand.

Public backlash

Aap punjab 2

Soon after Vishwas’ statement of caste based reservation policy, the party had to pay a price for that and there was public uproar against the party, which stands committed to the cause of ‘dalits’. Kejriwal was booed by a section of the crowd for the anti-reservation statements made by Vishwas during a rally demanding justice for Vemula at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

Kejriwal was forced to publicly clarify at least on two occasions that he stood for reservation. He also reiterated his position in a series of tweets.

It is relevant here that written and verbal complaints have been forwarded by party volunteers to the top leadership citing Vishwas as a “constant source of embarrassment”. Such incident further testifies on AAP being hollow & directionless with lack of orientation.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AAP’s conflicting views on caste based politics exposed

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AAP lists Dengue deaths as an achievement

Arvind kejriwalfever_2

AAP has been issuing huge advertisements across the country highlighting their achievements. One of the triumphs highlights their action taken to curb dengue in Delhi. While on one hand it claims to have taken tough steps, on other side it acknowledges 11 deaths and more than 1900 reported cases.


The actual death figure is more than three times than what is mentioned in Delhi government’s advertisement. Delhi government might have tried to cover up the real picture by drastically reducing the death figures but the question arises – what was government trying to prove by highlighting dengue deaths in government funded advertisement?



AAP’s blame-game

AAm aadmi partyAam Aadmi Party made flamboyant promises on health, but all their promises fell flat as got badly entangled in wake of dengue crisis. Instead of bravely facing the situation, AAP indulged in blame game with centre and BJP ruled MCD.

38 people died in 2015, up from three deaths in the previous year. As Delhi was overlooking the dangers of facing a possible epidemic, the government completely ignored the situation and failed to take necessary steps.

Instead of taking any necessary steps to curb Dengue from spreading further, AAP government was seen indulging in typical “Tu -Tu Main-Main”. It was really unfortunate that Delhi government failed in taking any preventive steps to control the disease and provide adequate medical facilities to the patients. Instead of taking any step, Delhi government conveniently put entire blame on BJP ruled MCD.

AAP government released a statement, “the primary responsibility of tackling the issue of dengue in the national capital is that of the MCD.” This has now become an issue of every year. The MCD is under the BJP”, its leaders further added.

Health conditions worsened despite increasing budget

arvind kejriwal aap punjabThe AAP government released1.5 times more budget for health but the health services in Delhi worsened further. Over 150 ambulances were rusting without any use while the scheme of Mohalla Clinic launched by AAP government was limited to just one clinic.

Delhi government might have spent exorbitant amount in highlighting their tough steps in curbing dengue in National capital but the truth has already surfaced in front of people. Kejriwal government failed completely in taking preventive steps to control the disease and provide adequate medical facilities to the patients.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | AAP lists Dengue deaths as an achievement

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Kejriwal presents wrong facts to woo farmers

AAP PUNJAB arvindkejriwal759

The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has nothing to do with the factual information as he has an only motive to woo the voters by distorting the real facts. During the five days tour in Punjab, the AAP supremo tried to impress the farmers by offering them lucrative promises. Moreover, he presented the wrong facts of union budget to farmers.”

He has commented on his twitter that the union budget has nothing for the farmers. The farmers are under debt and the centre government waving off the loans of rich businessmen.

What Kejriwal needs to learn more?

The muffler man has been commenting on the rivals frequently whenever something happens. He needs to prepare himself properly before commenting on social media. He should have gone through the union budget properly because little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Moreover, he should have read the provisions especially announced for the farmers in union budget. He even forgot that the Delhi police have been grilling AAP leaders for instigating a farmer to commit suicide during the rally of Kejriwal. The Chief Minister who did not save a farmer in his own state is putting blames on the rivals.

Provisions for farmers in Union budget 2016

The centre government has allocated Rs 15000 crore to reduce the loan burden to farmers. Under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, a budget of Rs 5,500 crore has been allocated.

The increased funding in the budget will go into a gamut of irrigation schemes, crop insurance, the creation of a national e-market for farm produce, higher production of pulses and interest subsidy for easing the burden of loan repayment for farmers.

Further, 89 projects under the Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP) that are languishing will be fast-tracked.

The centre will spend Rs.17,000 crore on these projects next year, and Rs.86,500 crore in the next five years. Further, the budget created a dedicated long-term irrigation fund under NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development), with an initial corpus ofRs.20,000 crore.

The overall budget for the agriculture sector was raised by over 44 per cent, from Rs.24,909 crore in 2015-16 to Rs.35,984 crore in 2016-17.

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Without reading budget provision, Kejriwal tweeted in haste

The Chief Minister suddenly tweet a message that the centre government offered nothing for the farmers in debt. Without reading or knowing the facts about the union budget, the AAP head preferred to put message on social media to the woo the farmers community in Punjab. How foolish is the politician who only plays political stunts to win sympathy?

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Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Kejriwal presents wrong facts to woo farmers

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Kejriwal again played Dalit politics card in Punjab

“The clever “muffler man” especially visited the family of a dalit Bheem tank who was killed in Abohar. The Chief Minister of Delhi offered government job in Delhi for a family member of Tank.”
On second day of his Punjab tour, Arvind Kejriwal played his dalit card trick in Abohar. The perfect striker and the party’s supremo had visited the family of Bheem Tank who was killed in Abohar.

Kejriwal had spent some time with the family members and offered his help to them. A government job in Delhi offered by him to a family member of the deceased. He told the family members to vote for the right candidate in the 2017 assembly elections. Moreover, he told them to vote for AAP candidate in Punjab polls.

Kejriwal gave lollypop to the family members as he assured the family of his full cooperation and if AAP voted to power, justice would be ensured by taking the fate of the killer to its logical conclusion.
He played another stunt as he also met one of the friends of Tank, Gurjant Singh who was with Tank during the incident. Kejriwal offered him free treatment in Delhi.

BJP state secretary, Sandeep Rinwa who was already present at Bhim’s house questioned Kejriwal’s visit but he did not get any answer by Kejriwal.

The Chief Minister of Delhi played dirty and cheap politics in Punjab. He played the trick to woo the dalit voters. Kejriwal was silent when ten soldiers lost their lives in Siachen glacier and six army men martyred in Pampore encounter in Jammu and Kashmir.

In Haryana, the protests by Jats ruined the property of people and more than 100 people died in the riots. Where was Kejriwal sitting at that time? He did not announcement anything at that time.

The “muffler man” who has mastered the art of playing political tricks to woo the people has shown his trick in Punjab also. It is proved that Kejriwal has nothing to do with the state; he is only hungry for votes like other political leaders do.

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Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Kejriwal again played Dalit politics card in Punjab

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Phoolka, who failed to bring justice for Sikhs, now blames centre

SUCHA CHHOOTEP WordPress.jpgThe Supreme Court Lawyer and AAP leader H S Phoolka has taken a new turn in the 1984 anti-Sikh carnage as the so called “tireless” lawyer is now tirelessly asking the centre government to bring justice for Sikhs.

Phoolka, who had started his career from the cases of Sikh carnage, has completely failed to achieve justice in a span of historic 31 years of time period.  He urged the centre government to look beyond the riots and provide justice to the victims.

SUCHA SINGH download.jpg1.jpg

The lawyer who had earlier claimed that the centre government headed under the UPA regime had shielded the culprit Jagdish Tytler.

Even the Aam Aadmi Party who fought the assembly elections had promised the Sikhs that the culprits in the cases would put behind bars if the party forms government.

On February 14, the party has completed one year in Delhi and there is nothing has been done so far in the case. Moreover, the Phoolka’s party has lost the files of SIT constituted by Kejriwal to probe the matter. However, both Kejriwal and Phoolka failed to bring justice for the victims.

app sikh_riots_protest_pti

Look who’s talking

Phoolka when failed to achieve anything in the case he thrown the ball in centre’s court.  He said, “It was expected that when BJP comes in power it will deliver its promise. Unfortunately, the Modi Government has just continued to use this as a weapon for Congress bashing and has done nothing to secure justice for the victims.”

What a stunt he has played to shield himself?

Phoolka had approached Akal Takht Jathedar also


On the 31st anniversary of the riots, Phoolka had written a letter to theJathedar of the Akal Takht about the mass rape of Sikh women during1984. Stating that not a single person had been punished for rape, he urged the Jathedar to raise the issue with the Central government and arrange a meeting of concerned MPs with the Prime Minister.

At last, Phoolka put blame for the delay in the cases because of centre government. Moreover, he approached the Akal Takht Jathedar. He could have been approached the Jathedar earlier but now he is in vacillating condition. To escape himself from the ire of the Sikh victims, Phoolka has started blaming the centre in this regard.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur | Phoolka, who failed to bring justice for Sikhs, now blames centre